Play with paper in animation gave me a new level of possibilities for my work, there is a magic in it. I try to keep a clean, graphic, stylized design.

Shortfilm · Voces en 'Mi' tiempo 

Direction Juan Manuel Pedraza

Film that pays tribute to choral singing, music and life. Is a personal experience about emotions, feelings and passion for singing.

The title 'Voces en Mi tiempo' is a pun which can be understood in two ways: voices in my time, or voices in tempo of mi, since the Spanish word “tiempo” means both, “time” and “tempo”, and the word “mi” means both, the object pronoun “me”, and the musical note “mi”.

Shortfilm · Me Kafka Bogotá  (Only my animated scene)

Direction Ricardo Arce · Camilo Cogua

As 25 animators awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, they found themselves animating in their beds a gigantic insect. ASIFA Colombia has gathered together a group of animators to create an Exquisite corpse about Kafka's "Metamorphosis" inspired by the city of Bogotá. The first frame of each sequence is the last frame of the previous artist.