Paper Artist, Designer and 

Animation Filmmaker from Colombia.

Juan has worked as a Motion/Broadcast Designer for Tv, and in the animation field as a director, animator and character designer. As Animation researcher, he has written several texts and curated an exhibition about colombian animation art. Its animated shortfilm "Voices in my time" was selected at several film festivals, including the A4 Paper festival in Sidney and the 51st Cartagena Int'l Film Festival (New Talents).



Artista del Papel, Diseñador Gráfico y 

Realizador de Animación Colombiano. 

Juan ha trabajado como diseñador de motion graphics para tv y en el sector de animación como director, animador y diseñador de personajes. En el campo académico como investigador de animación ha escrito varios textos y curador de una exposición de arte de animación colombiana. Su cortometraje animado "Voces en tiempo de mí" de 2011, fue seleccionado en varios festivales, entre ellos el A4 Paper Festival en Sidney y el 51 Festival de Cine de Cartagena en la categoría de nuevos creadores. 

'Fascinated with crafts since he was a kid, Juan mixes traditional skills with illustration and animation elements to create artwork that express his feelings and his viewpoint on life; which is often colorful and positive '. Juan enjoys creating art for children and for adults who are still a child in their hearts.